Sustainable energy solutions

Vestas has been in India since 1997, delivering Sustainable Energy Solutions to help customers tap into the potential of vast wind resources.

About Vestas India

A pioneer in wind energy technology, dedicated to meet the Customer expectation in terms of lowest Levelized cost of Energy (LCOE) in this dynamic auction environment. With close to 20 years of accumulated market knowledge, Vestas India is well equipped in meeting the customer expectation in the most cost effective manner. 

We have constantly innovated in the Indian market with our best in-class Products and services offerings. Collaboration is key to Vestas success. Early engagement with our internal and external stake holders put us in an advantageous position in better understanding our stake holder needs and aids in crafting a custom fit solution.

At Vestas, we understand the world of wind.

Merger Notices to Unsecured Trade and Loan Creditors

Notice and ES - Unsecured Trade Creditors


Notice and ES - Unsecured Loan Creditors


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Business Standard - English Advt.


It has come to our knowledge that some fraudulent person(s) have created an unauthorized website and applications under the name of Vestas Wind. These platforms (applications available on different Appstores) are offering fraudulent financial schemes to the public while making unauthorized use of Vestas’ official details/ assets including names, addresses, phone numbers and trademarks. From the information known to us at the moment, the applications have been developed by ‘The Glass Mouse’ and ‘Golden Treasure’ wherein they provide link(s) to make payment for investing in these applications along with offering payments to the investors for referrals.

The public in general is hereby requested to note that Vestas Wind Technology India Private Limited is not engaged in any form of online financial marketing/investment schemes and these platforms are not developed, operated, linked to or supported by Vestas. The public in general is also advised to remain vigilant, exercise caution and refrain from making any investments in these platforms. We have initiated necessary investigation and appropriate legal action in the matter.

Disclaimer: Vestas will not be responsible and liable for any loss or damage (direct or indirect) suffered by any one due to using, investing or dealing in these fake/ fraudulent platforms or dealing with the person(s) impersonating to be Vestas representatives.