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Maintenance Packages

Wind turbines need to be continually serviced to perform consistently at their best. Harsh weather conditions over the course of a turbine’s typical 20-year service life can reduce the overall performance of a site, resulting in a loss of earnings and a poor return on your investment.

Our Active Output Management® service programme, or AOM for short, ensures the highest possible output at all times, so your return on investment is achievable and more secure.

    AOM 5000

    Minimise your lost production

    To realise the best possible return on your investment, an effective service infrastructure and operations and maintenance strategy is just as important as reliable turbines. As a proven service partner, our AOM 5000 premium service concept is designed to provide ultimate operational and financial peace of mind. It includes superior support in various key areas such as: people skills; intelligence and predictability; planning and scheduling capabilities and tools; parts optimisation and deliveries; partnership transparency and integration; and performance guarantees.

    AOM 4000

    Maximise uptime and performance

    AOM 4000 is a comprehensive service package including all necessary main components and material to maximise uptime and performance.

    The service contract covers periods up to 10 years, with an option to renew for two additional five-year periods, suitable for customers who want the traditional time-based availability guarantee of up to 97%. These high expectations are formalised through liquidated damages and bonus clauses in the contract.

    AOM 1000-3000

    Risk sharing and flexible solutions

    AOM 3000 – Share the risk

    For a comprehensive field service package that includes consumables and spare parts, AOM 3000 represents the value option for the risk-averse customer. It takes the benefits of the AOM 2000 agreement to the next level by including both fixed-price scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, maximising the reliability of your turbines. Only main components are excluded from the package, so by shifting the risk of repairs to Vestas, business case certainty is increased.

    AOM 2000 – Reduce the risk of downtime

    The AOM 2000 builds on the benefits of AOM 1000, with the added advantage of a fixed-price preventive maintenance programme. You gain the reassurance of knowing that your turbines will be well maintained, but without the commitment – or cost - of a more comprehensive service package.

    With AOM 2000, turbine performance is sustained through regular maintenance, with the option of additional maintenance items.

    AOM 1000 - For maximum flexibility

    AOM 1000 provides you with maximum flexibility for maintaining and servicing your windfarm. You buy services purely on a pay-as-you-go basis, ensuring you never spend any more than necessary. We provide troubleshooting and corrective maintenance with the benefits of OEM technicians, parts and tools.


    Fleetwide operation and maintenance is already a core part of Vestas’ service offering. Currently, we operate a non-Vestas portfolio of more than 8 GW spread across the globe. We deliver a wide range of services - from scheduled maintenance to parts and repair solutions and advanced turbine upgrades.

    By inviting customers into a partnership, we are able to offer you flexible and customized fleetwide services, which are relentlessly governed by our proven safety and quality standards.

    At Vestas, we deploy our global knowledge networks when partnering up with customers locally. Our global supply chain networks will help you utilize your scale, while our skilled workforce will provide you access to the World’s best technicians and know-how.

    While we are currently able to perform a wide range of services on an extensive list of non-Vestas turbines, we work rigorously to broaden and deepen our capabilities. In doing so, we apply a comprehensive approach to adopting new technologies, developing know-how, and ensuring operational excellence for your fleet.